How to Get the Most from Your Pet Sitting Service

Using Your Pet Sitting Service Most Effectively
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How to Get the Most from Your Pet Sitting Service

Want a successful relationship with your pet sitter?

  • Give us your pet’s history and habits. In order to schedule the visits, your sitter will want to know the important routines in your pet’s day—eating, sleeping, walking or playing and where favorite toys or “chew” toys are kept.
  • Your sitter will want to know about all major and minor health problems your pet may have and detailed information on any medications as well as your wishes in case of emergency.
  • Tell your sitter where your pet’s favorite hiding places are. This will prevent panic by the sitter looking for your pet.
  • Provide some written verification of up to date vaccinations for your pet. Provide identification tags on all pets, including cats.
  • Your sitter needs to know of any unusual habits your pet may have (e.g. Eating habits, fears, etc.).
  • Be sure to show the sitter where you keep the vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, dustpan and trash bags. One never knows when a pet will knock over a plant, kick litter out or turn over a bowl of water .
  • Provide you sitter with a house key in addition to garage door openers if inside visits are requested. (During power failures garage door openers can’t work) If you have a key made, please try it out to be sure it works.
  • Provide extra food, litter and supplies just in case they are needed. You may not be able to return when anticipated and the extras become a necessity.
  • Supply plastic bags for sanitary disposal of feces. We’re happy to perform this task while you’re gone, but shouldn’t be expected to clean up any there before you left.
  • It’s a good idea to clean out the refrigerator before leaving to avoid smelly food spoilage, and to wash any dishes in the sink to prevent ants or other pests.
  • Please adjust your thermostat before leaving on your trip for the comfort of you pet(s). Homes closed up can get dangerously hot in a short time.

Help us be a Friend to Your Pet

  • Pet Poof your home!
  • Tell us about all minor and major health problems your pet may have. Please be totally honest to help us better serve you.
  • Provided written verification that your pet is up to date on its shots or have your pet wear the current vaccination tags on its collar.
  • Make sure the collar fits. Otherwise, your dog may slip out of a too large collar while being walked.
  • If you dog is prone to chew, please leave “chew toys” and take proper precautions to guard you personal items and home furnishings form his teeth while you’re away.
  • If your dog is not accustomed to walking on a leash, please practice with him before you leave or provide a place where he can be tied out for his outdoor time.
  • Have appropriate size water and food bowls for your pet according to weight and size. We don’t want him to get hungry or thirsty.
  • Leave an item of clothing you’ve recently worn where your pet sleeps to provide a “security blanket” for him.
  • Make a list of your pet’s favorite hiding places. This will prevent the sitter from having a panic attack when your pet is not where expected.
  • It’s important that we’re aware of any unusual habits you pets have, i.e., destructive behavior when left alone, change in bowel or eating habits, etc.
  • Clean food and water dishes before leaving town. We’re concerned about proper hygiene for the pets under our care.
  • If your dog growls and snaps at a sitter during a get acquainted visit, please understand when we ask that you make other arrangements for this care during you absence.

Help us to know our Limits

Tell the sitter if your bathrooms are off limits to pets and sitters. Also, if the toilet is prone to run or become clogged, your sitter needs to know. If your cat happens to love shredding the content of the bathroom trash can, we need to know this too.

  • Leave a phone number for your veterinarian in case of emergency.
  • Leave a list of household numbers in the event the sitter needs to call any of the following while you’re away: cleaning service, plumber, electrician, gardener/yard/pool maintenance.
  • Show the sitter where the fuse box or circuit breaker is located.
  • Advise the sitter of any household areas which are “off limits” to your pet(s). Make sure the doors are closed or access is securely restricted to your pet(s) before leaving the home.
  • Show the sitter where primary light switches are located.

Safety is a Primary Concern

  • Advise the sitter of anyone who may be on your premises or entering your home during the same time we are.
  • Instruct anyone else coming or going while you’re away to make sure the gate to the dog lot or swimming pool is properly secured. Better yet, place a lock on these gates for added security.
  • Due to insurance and for your animals or home well being we ask that any visitors leave a note dated and the time entered the premises along with any problems or observations noted.
  • Crime Deterrence Tips to secure your home.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving. If outside doors have panes of glass near the push button lock, consider installing a deadbolt lock as well.
  • Consider leaving a television or radio on while you’re away. The noise can be a crime deterrent as well as provide companionship for your pet.
  • Unplug any unnecessary appliances before you leave. This will prevent damage from electrical storms or injuries to mischievous pets who paw or chew on cords.
  • Don’t hide your house key outside the door, under door mats or flower pots.
  • Store ladders inside or lock them securely.
  • Trim limbs from tress that could help a burglar climb into your house.
  • Prune any bushes or trees near doors or windows. These may be used as hiding places by burglars.
  • Cork reserves the right to deny or terminate services due to safety or any inappropriate circumstances.
  • We’re here to serve you. Please do your part to make it easier for everyone.


  • If you forgot to tell us something, please be considerate when you call to convey the information. 9:00 p.m. where you are may be midnight at home.
  • Advise your vet that a pet sitter will be caring for your pet(s) and authorize the vet to extend medical care during your absence if it becomes necessary.  Have payment info on file.
  • Take your pet sitter’s phone number with you!
  • Do a head count before you leave.  Make sure all animals are accounted for.

How do I sign up as a new client? 

1. Before Your Departure
  • Become a New Client
  • Call us a couple of days before your trip.                 403 807-6866
  • Call us two weeks  before major Holiday’s
  • Request a Quote
2. Initial Orientation Visit
  • An in-home visit with pet and owner prior to contracted service with a key pickup/payment agreement.
  • When you register online or call Corks Critter Care, she arranges a visit to your home shortly before you leave.
  • Initial Orientation Visit is required prior to reservations for all new clients.
3. Upon Your Return
  • When you return home please go Login Corks Critter Care App to confirm that your pet(s) are back in your good care, and services will be discontinued.
  • When you return home you can also call Corks office at  403 807-6866
  • We will return your key if desired or keep the key in a safe for the next time your in need of our services.


Method of Payment
  • Cash, Cheque, or Email Transfer.
    • Email Transfers are sent to
    • During any statutory or civic holiday, there’s an extra $5 per holiday.
    • Time of payment and your total cost will be determined in our initial orientation visit with you.  All clients have different needs and situations as a result fees will vary.
    • Please contact us for any inquires and rates.

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