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A Warm Welcome to Corks Critter Care

“A company that I’m very proud of and every day I put my heart and soul into it with an internal smile knowing I’ll be with animals”.

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How to Get the Most from Your Pet & Home Service

To ensure a successful relationship with CCC Custodians, we suggest you follow these simple guidelines:

How do I sign up as a new client? 

3 Steps to Services

1. Contact Us

Contact us by filling out a form to become a new client or request a quote.

Once you have completed filling out the form or calling us we will schedule your Initial Orientation Visit before your departure.  

2. Initial Orientation Visit
  • An in-home visit with pet and owner prior to contracted service with a key pickup/payment agreement.

  • When you register online or call Corks Critter Care, she arranges a visit to your home shortly before you leave.

  • Initial Orientation Visit is required prior to reservations for all new clients.

3. Upon Your Return
  • When you return home please log in to  Corks Critter Care Pet Care App to confirm that your pet(s) are back in your good care, and services will be discontinued.
  • When you return home you can also call Corks office at  403 807-6866
  • We will return your key if desired or keep the key in a safe for the next time your in need of our services.


Payment Methods
  • PayPal, Stripe, Cash, or Email Transfer.
    • Email Transfers are sent to
    • During any statutory or civic holiday, there’s an extra $5 per holiday.
    • Time of payment and your total cost will be determined in our initial orientation visit with you.  All clients have different needs and situations as a result fees will vary.
    • Please contact us for any inquires and rates. 

For several years, we’ve trusted Corrine at Corks Critter Care to watch our beloved cats when we’re out of town. At times they’ve had varied needs with different diets and some daily medical care, in addition to the usual personality quirks, and Corrine has handled all of it with loving care and professional attention. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to be sure their pets receive the best care possible in their own home.

Jamie S

A friend recommended Corks Critter Care about 15 years ago. We are so happy that we followed our friend’s advice. Corrine gets to know all of the animals she looks after. Ensuring she understands all of their dietary and medical requirements and checks to see if there are any changes in between bookings. It is so comforting knowing that our dogs are well looked after in our absence. It is also nice to know that they truly like the person who we have entrusted with their care and that she really does care about their well being.

Shelagh & Steve

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