Corks Critter Care Home & Pet Sitting Services: Dog Walking/Letout

Working long hours? Any day of the week, we offer mid-day walks for clients who would like their dog to get regular exercise but have trouble providing it themselves, due to busy work schedules and long days at the office. We also feed and play with your pet during this time.
Are you an elderly pet owner who enjoys the companionship, but can’t manage daily walks or exercise?
Do you have a puppy full of pent-up energy? Or an ill or older dog that just likes to be let outside into the yard?
Our services are great for very active dogs, dogs with separation anxiety and ones that just need extra attention.

Let Cork Do the Walking for You!

Leashed Dog Walks

Corks Critter Care Home & Pet Sitting Services only does private on-leash dog walks. Dog walks can be of any length of time in increments of 30 minutes. Weather cancellation due to conditions such as pouring rain, blizzards, blowing snow, colder than -15C or above 25C, will result in letting your dog outside to do its business only. This temperature and weather restriction is for the safety and well-being of your pet.
Rates vary according to the walk’s length of time, how many dogs and location (driving distance).

Dog Let outs

Several dogs are not in need of a walk but must go outside to relieve themselves and get some fresh air to break up the long day that you’re away.  Let outs are perfect for dogs that are not trained on a leash or have difficulty walking due to injuries or old age.

Method of Payment

We accept cash, cheque, money order or e-transfer. Email transfers are sent to
Time of payment, as well as your total cost, will be determined in our initial interview with you. All clients have different needs and situations; as a result, fees will vary.
Please contact us for any inquiries and rates.

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 Posted on : July 29, 2017