Corks Critter Care Home & Pet Sitting Services: Other Services


Even if you are not leaving home, there may be instances where Cork can be of service. Unusual working hours or lengthy illnesses may make it difficult to properly care for your pet. Please call to discuss how Cork may help.
In addition to providing in-home care during vacations or business trips, you should consider using Corks Critter Care Home & Pet Sitting Services Pet Sitting for:


Dog Walking/Let Out

Mid-day walks are available for clients whose dogs like to be outside regularly but they are unable to take them out often. This is a great service for very active dogs, dogs with separation anxiety and those who just need extra attention. Any day of the week.


Delivery (Pet Supplies)

We will pick up and deliver pet food, treats, supplies, medication, etc. available from your veterinarian or pet store.


Pet Taxi (in the Calgary area)

We will transport your pet to and from vet or grooming appointments while you’re at work or during our pet sitting visit.


Puppy Playtime

Depending on their age, puppies have a hard time being at home for more than a few hours and need company while you’re away at work. We spend time with puppies, giving them potty breaks, cleaning up accidents, feedings and most importantly offering socialization / playtime.


As always, Corks Critter Care Home & Pet Sitting Services is open to new ideas and requests, so let us know if you need a service that is not listed above.
For any other questions you might have or special services needed,  please give us a call or email us your question.

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 Posted on : July 28, 2017