I engaged Corrine with Corks Critter Care based on a recommendation from a colleague and have and will recommend Corks Critter Care to anyone who needs a qualified and reliable pet sitter. After meeting Corrine and having the initial meeting with her to meet my cats and to show her around my house, I was confident that I could trust to her to take care of my fur-babies. With senior cats, as time went on, each cat had their own needs and issues, but I knew I could rely on Corrine to take care of them as a Registered Veterinary Technician. My final two cats required very special care near the end that I trusted in Corrine to take care of when I had to be away. One had a cancerous tumor on her chest that required cleaning, treating and bandaging regularly and the other required a special diet and medication twice a day. Not only was a I comfortable in leaving them to Corks Critter Care, but I also knew with Corrine\'s veterinary experience and training that if something changed or if their health declined, she would notice and be able to deal with it. I trusted her with my fur-babies and would recommend her highly to anyone with pets.

For several years, we\'ve trusted Corrine at Corks Critter Care to watch our beloved cats when we\'re out of town. At times they\'ve had varied needs with different diets and some daily medical care, in addition to the usual personality quirks, and Corrine has handled all of it with loving care and professional attention. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to be sure their pets receive the best care possible in their own home.

I have been using Corrine for pet sitting services for approximately 11 years for my very particular cat Sybil.  Sybil has had many medical issues over the years including thyroid and urinary issues.  I have always had the utmost confidence when I go away, knowing that she is Corrine\'s care while I\'m away.  Corrine takes great notes, and always asks about any changes to medication

Corrine has been a part of our lives since 2007. She started with us when we needed help with medications and injections for our 18-year-old cat Boris. With our erratic schedules and travels, and Boris’ health needs, we needed what amounted to a first-responder. Corrine was always available on short notice, giving Boris a much better quality of life until he went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Fast forward to 2011 and we acquired 3 feisty kittens. These new challenges didn’t faze Corrine, as she again helped with whatever we needed. In October 2017, we discovered we were moving to Edmonton. Throughout a complicated and extremely stressful 6-month-long move Corrine again kept us sane, because we knew that no matter what was happening during many short notice house-hunting trips, our cats were safe in Corrine’s hands.

We communicated mostly by phone and email, so we rarely saw her. But she was a vital part of our life, and greatly improved our, and our cats, lives.

We will miss her terribly.    Fred

A friend recommended Corks Critter Care about 15 years ago. We are so happy that we followed our friends advice. Corrine gets to know all of the animals she looks after. Ensuring she understands all of their dietary and medical requirements and checks to see if there are any changes in between bookings. It is so comforting knowing that our dogs are well looked after in our absence. It is also nice to know that they truly like the person who we have entrusted with their care and that she really does care about their well being. S.W.

I\'ve been using Cork\'s Critter Care Pet Sitting Services for over 10 years. I never have to worry about my cat while I\'m on vacation because I know that she\'ll be well looked after by Corrine. I was also very impressed with how Corrine dealt with a small leak in my basement when I was out of the country. It could have turned into a much bigger problem.

Corrine is a highly qualified, professional, and dedicated pet- and house-sitter. She has been looking after my cats since 2011. Corrine is very reliable, the occasional time when I have needed her to be available at the last minute, she has been there. Corrine goes the extra mile when needed. One time there was a problem with the security system, and she was unable to enter my home. She contacted the security company and stayed until the situation was resolved. As a vet technician, I feel confident that Corrine is able to handle any special needs that my cats may have. I highly recommend Corrine to look after your pets and home. - I.S.

I am so very fortunate to have found you!  A first class, reliable service is always provided. I am able to relax and enjoy my time away, knowing my beloved cat is well cared for in her home and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.

We have been using Corrine’s services for over a dozen years and are totally satisfied.  Having Corrine available to look after our two cats when we were away provided great peace of mind, especially since she has training as a Veterinary Technician.   We no longer have cats but we continue to use Corrine’s house sitting services when we travel and couldn’t be happier!


Jack and Bunny always look well taken care of when I get home and I love to get the notes that you leave for me about how they did while I was away (thankfully they\'re always positive).

Corrine\'s service is exceptional and her love of animals is clear.  My work can keep me away from home for extended periods and I needed to find someone who I could rely on to look after my cats (and fish, and plants), sometimes on short notice, and she has always come through.  She has been there for them through most of their lives, and as they age and have developed health conditions that need treatment, she has been on side and kept them healthy and happy when I couldn\'t be there. I highly recommend Cork\'s Critter Care.  

I have been with Corks Critter Care since 2002.

All it takes is one phone call to Corrine and everything is looked after.

I never worry about anything while I\'m away and Zoe is a healthy and happy cat

when I get home.

Corrine has been looking after our cats for several years. She has reliably looked after their medications (sometimes twice each day) and provided entertainment for them when she is here.
We don\'t have to worry about our pets when going on vacation with Corrine around.

We have been using Corks Critter Care services since April of 2004. I\'m not even sure of how we stumbled upon Corrine but I\'m thankful that we did. It\'s not an easy task to find someone that you can basically hand over the key to your house and say \" Here, you\'ve got the key to my house and I am trusting you to look after everything\". But that\'s exactly what we\'ve got in Corrine. For the last 13 years! Corrine has been with us on our journey of saying goodbye to two of our cats to old age and one to an accident that took his life. For the past 8 years she has cared for our two \'boys\' as I call them.  

Over the past 13 years we have come to consider Corrine as not just our cat sitter but a reliable, trusted friend. She knows our house, our routine and Basil and Pepper sure know her (and love her I might add)! She\'s there if you need her last minute, as we did last weekend and there\'s peace of mind in that. I appreciate that she\'ll water the plants, grab the mail or any little extra thing that needs doing while you\'re gone. She has so much experience in this field as well as having been in a veterinary clinic. Need I say more? My question is why wouldn\'t you use Corks Critter Care?

Shannon B.

Corrine has been taking care of Nova and Luna when we are out of town going on at least 7 years. Maybe longer. With Corrine, we never have to worry about our kitties and our home. Very reliable and trustworthy. I recommend her services to anyone who needs them.

Corrine is very professional, a contract is signed and she meets you and dog on first visit. Always punctual has never missed a scheduled visit.Takes very good care of dog knows his routine, he is walked and placed back in house and door is always locked. Leaves notes daily to record information and updates.Went out of her way to find perfect water dish that doesn\'t tip. Feel safe if dog needs medical attention with her past experience as a Veterinary Technician. She has been a great asset for myself and dog Winston.

Corrine has been my pet sitter for over 10 years now. She has always been reliable and very loving to my cats. Corrine is not only a true professional she is compassionate to both her pet clients and their parents. Recently I had a problem getting my cat out of the rafters and she was sick -- Corrine did not hesitate on short notice to come by and help me get her down and to the vet. Fortunately, my cat was just fine. In the past Corrine looked after my late cat who was an insulin dependent diabetic and had CRF -- I didn\'t like to travel, but my business required it -- knowing that Corrine was looking after my cat was a great comfort so I was able to enjoy the time away without worry. I would highly recommend her as a pet sitter, dog walker for anyone. She is not only capable but reliable, professional and loves the animals she works with.

Corrine was able to give pills to my cat which allowed me to travel without worry. She is kind, trustworthy and reliable. I highly recommend her.

My two cats, Ruby and Blue, meant everything to me.  Leaving them while I was away on business travel or vacation was difficult for me.  I was ever-so fortunate to cross paths with Corrine Bray of Cork’s Critter Care who provided me with home/pet-sitting services for more than ten years.  Corrine is everything that you could ever want in a home/pet-sitter.  She is proficient, reliable and caring and has an amazing rapport with animals.  It was always such a comfort to me to know that my girls were in the very best of hands while I was away.

As my girls got older and developed some special health issues, Corrine continued to accommodate our needs including additional visits and elevated medical care.  I always appreciated that there would be a report waiting for me when I got home detailing what might have transpired in cat-land while I was away.  Beyond that, Corrine was always there for me too with words of encouragement and advice which I appreciated very much.  Corrine is a true professional in everything she does.  Her compassion for critter-clients is boundless!


I used Corrine for over a decade to look after my 2 cats Stanley and Izzie during my frequent travels (two to three times per month).  From my first meeting it was evident she was someone who cared about my pets as if they were her own.  As my cats grew older and required special senior care, eventually including administering medicine (not easy with a feline), Corrine was completely capable and also provided great notes so I could continue to monitor progress while I was away.  Corrine vastly improved the quality of life for Stanley and Izzie while I was away and built a trust and bond with them making her part of their “family”.  I can’t speak highly enough of Corrine’s professionalism, quality of care, ease of booking and communication   

Dan, Stanley and Izzie

Corrine of Cork\'s Critter Care has been looking after our two beloved cats Charlie and Bettie for nearly 7 years now, since they were little kittens.  We have had her come to our house during countless vacation times.  From the beginning, she put our minds at ease with her thorough first meeting where she collects information and details about your pets and how you would like your home looked after in your absence.  Her genuine care and interest for your pet’s well being is very apparent right from the start and continues throughout her service.  She has proven to have a wealth of knowledge of cats and their unique behaviours.  I don’t worry about them at all when we are away knowing that they are being looked after so well by Corrine.  Also, it’s great having someone you trust completely to water plants, pick up mail, do security checks etc.  We would highly recommend Corrine for in home pet care services!

We have used the services of Corrine Bray/Corks Critter Care regularly for 15 plus years. In all that time we have not had a single complaint. Corrine has always been thoroughly reliable and takes good care of both our cats and our home when we are away. Corrine\'s veterinary training allows her to administer both injections and pills. This is a wonderful service to have when you own senior cats that have health conditions needing daily management. We always feel our cats are so much happier  being left at home rather than being locked up in a cage at a vet\'s boarding facility. The service that Corrine provides allows us to travel with peace of mind knowing that our fur children are well looked after.

I\'ve been using Corrine for cat-sitting for 15 years.  She is 100% reliable and trustworthy, always responds quickly when I contact her, and most importantly I know my cat is well-looked after when we\'re away.  We never have to worry about the house or the cat when we\'re on vacation because we can trust Corrine to be there making sure all is good.   My cat is now an old lady and needs some medications, but we can still travel because we know that Corrine is able to administer them and monitor the cat\'s condition.  And she has always been available to cat-sit, even on statutory holidays and when we\'ve called on short notice.  Thank you Corrine for always being there for us and Indigo!

Cork\'s Critter Care has been my preferred pet and home sitter for over 18 years.  Cork\'s has been an excellent caregiver to my feline family and has consistently provided assuring peace of mind whenever I need Cork\'s to handle things during my absence.  Cork\'s truly goes the extra mile by ensuring pets are kept happy and healthy and your home and property are being cared for while you are away.  Cork\'s is quick to get back to you if anything changes during your absence or for a simple touch-base when you need it.  I highly recommend Cork\'s excellent services, a 5-star pet and home sitter.

When my older cat developed chronic kidney disease and I was struggling to give her subcutaneous fluids, I called Corrine.  After three lessons in our home, I was almost a pro.  While on vacation, I was relieved to know that Corrine could handle the fluids and the other medications that Jeannie was on.  If you have a special needs cat, I would recommend Corrine to care for your animal while you are away.

We initially hired Cork\'s Critter Care because of Corinne\'s veterinarian tech background as our cat required medication in addition to feeding and regular care when we were away.. It gave us peace of mind knowing she was looking after our cat. We also had Cork\'s Critter Care do home visits while we were travelling when we didn\'t have pets. A report letting us know how things went while we were away was always left for us, and our calls and emails to Corinne were always promptly returned. I highly recommend Corks Critter Care.

Corks Critter Care looked after megan, my non traveling dog, just did not like cars.  Each dog agility trial, I felt 100% confident in leaving Meagan in great hands, Megan loved each time Corine showed up to visit.


IMPORTANT- I am very interested in ordering from you, but I need some more information. Please call me at 0038120668093

In the late 1990’s I had a beloved cat that had diabetes and had to be medicated.  My vet strongly recommended Corrine at Cork’s Critter Care as the best solution for pet care when I traveled.  5 cats later I rest assured anytime I travel that my animals get the very best of care and my house is monitored carefully in my absence. She has also dropped my cats off at the vet and picked them up as well on days when my schedule is tight.  Corrine is the kindest and most honest person that I know and my cats truly love her.  You cannot possibly find better care for your “furkids” than Corrine.  My house unreservedly gives her 8 paws up!


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 Posted on : October 1, 2017