8 Spring Activities for Dogs in Calgary

Written by Corrine Bray

Owner & Founder of Corks Critter Care

August 11, 2020

Grooming – Dogs winter coats usually shed the most during the spring.  Their winter jacket needs a good brush out.  Makes your dog feel more comfortable and less hair collection in your house.  Do it yourself with a hose, sponge, and lots of encouragement. Visit a local dog wash facility, hire a mobile groomer, or take your dog to a grooming facility.

Workout Together – what is a better time to shed off the winter poundage for both of you?  This will allow bonding time between you and your workout pupner.  Participate in a walkathon together.

Dog Park Play Dates – Let your dog catch-up and play with their pup pals. Let them socialize and shake out the spring fever.

Attend Training Classes – Any age of dog could always use some form of training.  It’s also great for socializing your dog with others in a formal setting.


Go Shopping – Let your dog tag along while you walk around your neighborhood and window shop or buy your pet supplies at Petsmart, Petcetra, Petland, or other pet supply stores.

Go on a Picnic – Along with healthy doggie treats and fresh cold water, bring toys to play fetch with.

Attend pet friendly festivalsDog Fest Spring Fling , Petapalooz

Host an easter egg hunt.  Place plastic easter eggs filled with dog treats around the house or in an enclosed place outside.  Make sure to supervise as some dogs can be food territorial.  Hide the eggs in corners, under chairs in shoes, behind things, or anywhere the dogs are allowed to go.

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