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Corks Critter Care Home Sitting Services

Cork provides home visits for your special needs.  Are you going for a holiday, business trip or funeral? Perhaps you are going away for an extended period of time?   Are you looking after an estate but you are in a different city, province or country? Most insurance companies will not insure your home if left unattended more than a day or two. Allow us to help you house sit while you are unable to be home.  Call us before you leave.

Basic Home Sitting Visit Includes:

OBJECTIVE: To Help Give Your Home the “Lived-In” Look:
  • Home security checks are provided on each visit to your home.
  • Your newspaper and mail will be brought inside, as well as any packages left at your door.
  • Your indoor plants or flowers will be watered if requested.
  • Provide additional services such as watering outdoor plants and snow removal at an additional fee.
  • Your lights will be turned on/off, or blinds and curtains will be opened/shut per your request.
  • Radios or televisions can be turned on or off as a crime deterrent and for pet companionship.
  • Quickly look over home for hazards that could cause damage to property, person or pet.
  • Arranging any emergency home repairs if needed.
  • Put out trash and recycling.
  • Check exterior and interior of the home to confirm windows and doors are secure.
  • Check water heater, furnace, and/or air conditioner and appliances.
  • Check garages and hot tubs.
    Please feel free to use our Crime Deterrence Tips to Secure Your Home.