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How do I use the Corks Critter PetCare App? 

Learn How To Use CCC PetCare Software Here
  • Our online portal allows clients to request or schedule services, communicate with our office and your Custodian, pay your invoice, and much more, all in one place. It’s the 21st century for pet care. We’re always available to answer the phone if you prefer.

  • You can access this portal online from anywhere in the world through your PC, tablet, or phone.
    • If you leave us pages of detailed instructions on your pets’ care, we enter all of those details.
    • You can see confirmations for the future and past service as well as invoices. 
    • You can also send notes into our system to us advising of changes. Your Corks Critter Care Custodian can look over all of that information next time you need us. 
    • Use the system any time you have changes to make or just need some interesting additional information like educational articles about pet care that we provide regularly in your files and folders.
    • We have an online system that allows us to keep all of our client’s information and pet’s instructions safe and secure eliminating the need for you to leave us handwritten notes, text messages, and emails.
    • Our client portal provides convenience for our clients and assures your pet is set to be looked after.
      • Book or cancel pet care
      • View  personal service calendar
      • Update billing information and password
      • View and pay new or past invoices
      • View time-stamped pet care report cards detailing your pet visit events.
      • Download forms, contract, pdfs educational articles about pet care, announcements, important events, and much more. 
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