What to Look for in a Reputable Pet Sitter

Loving, trustworthy, and reliable… which equates to peace of mind enjoyable vacation.

Some of the critical factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Is the pet sitter licensed and bonded?
  • Does the pet sitter have commercial liability insurance?
  • Is the pet sitter willing to provide references?
  • Does the pet sitter have a service contract clearly spelling out services and fees?
  • Does the pet sitter visit your home beforehand to meet you and the pet and to obtain detailed information?
  • Is the attitude and approach exhibited by your pet sitter positive during the initial meeting with your pet?
  • Does the sitter seem comfortable and competent?
  • Does the pet sitter have regular office hours or return customer inquiries promptly?
  • Does the pet sitter have a veterinarian on call for emergency services?
  • What contingency plan for pet care does the sitter have in the event of personal illness or holidays?
  • Does the pet sitter telephone to determine if the owner has returned home as scheduled or require the client to notify the sitter of their arrival home?

Corks Critter Care fulfills all of the above and more!

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