👜 Before You Go Packet 👜


Please download your, Before You Go Packet and prepare for your pet sitter before you leave like a pro. 

  Please use the following checklists before you leave. 

Before You Go Packet


     Thank you for choosing Corks Critter Care (CCC) for your home and pet care needs. We are pleased that you have chosen us to provide in-home care for your pets. Pets of all different species have been enjoying CCC services since 2000. Serving Calgary and area, our mission is to provide the best quality pet care by treating our clients’ pets as if they were our own.

We have designed our services to enrich your pet’s life as well as your own. We want to make caring for a pet easier and less stressful with our variety of pet care services. We want to enrich your pet’s life by giving them top quality care that we are known for and are trained to do.

At Corks Critter Care, we tailor our services to your needs! Corks Critter Care is not just for those who will be away; but is also ideal for those who are experiencing unusual working hours or uncontrollable events that occur in life (illness, surgery, or hospitalization) that may make it difficult to properly care for your pet. If you have a new puppy or kitten, a very old or ill pet, or a pet recovering from surgery; they all need extra care and attention. Or sometimes your pet just needs an extra bit of attention that you just aren’t able to find the time or energy for. We cover it all with our variety of convenient services!

Your pets’ special needs, health, and safety need to be both documented and provided for while you’re away. We are prepared to make your pets’ health and happiness a top priority, but we cannot do our best to look after your pets without all the necessary information and preparation by you.

Please prepare a few things to make your registration meeting and subsequent visits most effective. Please fill out the following materials and have them completed in time for your initial consultation visit with your sitter. Feel free to take your time with it (Keep copies for yourself).

1. Create a Pet Information Pack – Learn How Here 

2. Complete 4 Important Safety/Security Checklists

  1.         Tips to “Pet Proof” Your Home
  2.         Crime-Deterrence-Tips-to-Secure-Your-Home
  3.         How-to-Get-the-Most-From-Your-Pet-Sitting-Service
  4.        A-Pet-Owners-Checklist

    3.  Onboarding Forms to be Completed 

    • Client Registration Form – please fill out in its entirety.
    • Pet Registration Form – please complete one form for each pet in the household and fill out in its entirety.
    • Vet Notification Form – please sign and date and feel free to print a copy.
    • Home Entry Key Management Agreement – please sign and date
    • Locksmith Notification Form – please sign and date
    • Pet Guardianship Form – please complete details, sign and date


    Licensed, Insured & Bonded since 2000.

    For several years, we’ve trusted Corrine at Corks Critter Care to watch our beloved cats when we’re out of town. At times they’ve had varied needs with different diets and some daily medical care, in addition to the usual personality quirks, and Corrine has handled all of it with loving care and professional attention. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to be sure their pets receive the best care possible in their own home.

    Christine M

    Cork’s Critter Care has been my preferred pet and home sitter for over 18 years.  Cork’s has been an excellent caregiver to my feline family and has consistently provided assuring peace of mind whenever I need Cork’s to handle things during my absence.  Cork’s truly goes the extra mile by ensuring pets are kept happy and healthy and your home and property are being cared for while you are away.  Cork’s is quick to get back to you if anything changes during your absence or for a simple touch-base when you need it.  I highly recommend Cork’s excellent services, a 5-star pet and home sitter.