In the late 1990’s I had a beloved cat that had diabetes and had to be medicated.  My vet strongly recommended Corrine at Cork’s Critter Care as the best solution for pet care when I traveled.  5 cats later I rest assured any time I travel that my animals get the very best of care and my house is monitored carefully in my absence. She has also dropped my cats off at the vet and picked them up as well on days when my schedule is tight.  Corrine is the kindest and most honest person that I know and my cats truly love her.  You cannot possibly find better care for your “furkids” than Corrine.  My house unreservedly gives her 8 paws up!

Linda T

Corrine has been taking care of Nova and Luna when we are out of town going on at least 7 years. Maybe longer. With Corrine we never have to worry about our kitties and our home. Very reliable and trustworthy. I recommend her services to anyone who needs them.

Bob & Charleen

Corrine was able to give pills to my cat which allowed me to travel without worry. She is kind, trustworthy, and reliable. I highly recommend her.

Deb D

Corrine is a highly qualified, professional, and dedicated pet- and house-sitter. She has been looking after my cats since 2011. Corrine is very reliable, the occasional time when I have needed her to be available at the last minute, she has been there. Corrine goes the extra mile when needed. One time there was a problem with the security system, and she was unable to enter my home. She contacted the security company and stayed until the situation was resolved. As a vet technician, I feel confident that Corrine is able to handle any special needs that my cats may have. I highly recommend Corrine to look after your pets and home. – I.S.


Corrine has been my pet sitter for over 10 years now. She has always been reliable and very loving to my cats. Corrine is not only a true professional she is compassionate to both her pet clients and their parents. Recently I had a problem getting my cat out of the rafters and she was sick — Corrine did not hesitate on short notice to come by and help me get her down and to the vet. Fortunately, my cat was just fine. In the past Corrine looked after my late cat who was an insulin-dependent diabetic and had CRF — I didn’t like to travel, but my business required it — knowing that Corrine was looking after my cat was a great comfort so I was able to enjoy the time away without worry. I would highly recommend her as a pet sitter, dog walker for anyone. She is not only capable but reliable, professional, and loves the animals she works with.

Tracy G

Corrine is very professional, a contract is signed and she meets you and dog on the first visit. Always punctual has never missed a scheduled visit. Takes very good care of dog knows his routine, he is walked and placed back in house and door is always locked. Leaves notes daily to record information and updates. Went out of her way to find a perfect water dish that doesn’t tip. Feel safe if the dog needs medical attention with her past experience as a Veterinary Technician. She has been a great asset for myself and dog Winston.

Barb C

When my older cat developed chronic kidney disease and I was struggling to give her subcutaneous fluids, I called Corrine.  After three lessons in our home, I was almost a pro.  While on vacation, I was relieved to know that Corrine could handle the fluids and the other medications that Jeannie was on.  If you have a special needs cat, I would recommend Corrine to care for your animal while you are away.

Angela C

My two cats, Ruby and Blue, meant everything to me.  Leaving them while I was away on business travel or vacation was difficult for me.  I was ever so fortunate to cross paths with Corrine Bray of Cork’s Critter Care who provided me with home/pet-sitting services for more than ten years.  Corrine is everything that you could ever want in a home/pet-sitter.  She is proficient, reliable, and caring and has an amazing rapport with animals.  It was always such a comfort to me to know that my girls were in the very best of hands while I was away. 

As my girls got older and developed some special health issues, Corrine continued to accommodate our needs including additional visits and elevated medical care.  I always appreciated that there would be a report waiting for me when I got home detailing what might have transpired in cat-land while I was away.  Beyond that, Corrine was always there for me too with words of encouragement and advice which I appreciated very much.  Corrine is a true professional in everything she does.  Her compassion for critter-clients is boundless!

Susan R

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  • Once you have completed filling out the form or calling us we will schedule your choice of either a Virtual or In-Person Initial Orientation Visit before your departure. 
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