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Summer Activities For Dogs


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Fun in the sun is a quest that takes very little preparation. Keep in mind, most activities you partake in would be ultimately crucial for your dogs’ health and wellbeing and wouldn’t require loads of money. Here are questions you should ask yourself:

Are there safe games for dogs in the summer?

What are the best activities dogs can do in the summer?

What is good to eat in the summer for dogs?

Ideally, you replied favorably to these specific questions and most likely finding summer activities for dogs the right type of events for you too. Following are plenty of the things that you could be doing during the summer months:



1. Socializing with the dog


Socializing with the dog would be a no-brainer. Anytime you give attention to your precious dog it builds a strong bond between you two.  You most likely already understand that you’d need to socialize with the dog in an effort to enjoy summer activities.  Dogs are social animals and thrive better with your attention and guidance.


2. Throwing a toy

Toys such as Frisbee, tennis balls, knotted ropes, stuffed animals or stuffed Kongs.  Using wood sticks is not favorable as splinters have been known to embed or cut the dogs mouth or internal digestive tract. Summer activities for dogs ought to become enjoyable which includes exercise.  Carving time from of your schedule to throw a toy guarantees that your dog would enjoy every moment with you.


3. Hiking

Take your dog for a hike up the mountains or a walk in the park.  Regardless of how much you prime to enjoy summer activities with dogs, it’s indisputable that going for a walk or hike would be a requirement immediately out of the gate.  The mountains are close by, and there are ample amount of parks to visit in the city.








4. Start a walking group

You can join and organize a walking/touring group to meet new people and dog friends, exchange new dog-friendly businesses, discuss training advice, preferred grooming facilities, and more.  You can set how many times a week to meet up or have a specific dog breed join.  This time would be an excellent opportunity to set up a dogs supply swap fair as well.  You would be able to exchange dog collars, dishes, clothing, toys, stuffies, and leashes to name a few.


5. Water Fun

Let the dogs run thru a sprinkler inside a wading pool. This sprinkler activity is indeed an ideal activity to incorporate when they are frolicking in a wading pool. Inevitably, this could foster a feeling of refreshment, clean their coats and cool their body temperatures down on a hot summer day.



6. Make frozen dog treats

Make sure these are nutritional and are suitable foods that dogs can eat.  There are some preparation ideas on Corks Pinterest

K9 Cakery Mini Paw Silicone Cake Pan

K9 Cakery Bone Mold






7. Be a tourist in your town

Explore historical sites, museums, and pet-friendly stores.

 Online Local Stores







8. Dine out with your dog

There are a few places in Calgary that allow dogs on patios and balcony. Call the restaurants before you go to be sure that they still accept dogs.






9. Host a BBQ party








Invite your friends to bring the furry family.  Enjoy the dogs run around and play with their buddies while you socialize with your friend or family eating and drinking outdoors.  Be sure to provide plenty of water and some treats for the dogs as well.


10. Go Camping







Many provincial park campsites allow dogs provided they’re on a leash.  Check the campsite’s website for approval of dogs and what their policies are. Sing songs around the campfire.  Keep dogs close and away from danger.


11. Set up DIY Agility Course in your yard

Corks Pinterest boards have several ideas to build an exciting and challenging obstacle/agility course.





Always keep in mind to keep your dog well hydrated, protect them from overheating by providing shade and never leave your dog in a vehicle.  So you will see, the ideal way to get equipped for finding summer activities for dogs would be to allow yourself the suggested time frame for your legwork so you can prevail. Do this, and seeing summer activities for dogs is much more invigorating and you have a happier dog in the end.





Do you have any suggestions for summer activities for you and your dog that you could share with us? Would love to hear them. Let us know at

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 Posted on : May 18, 2018
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