Winter Activities for Dogs in Calgary

Written by Corrine Bray

Owner & Founder of Corks Critter Care

August 10, 2020

First and foremost keep your dog safe from extreme weather.  Their paws are like our feet and can freeze or become irritated from salt on the streets.  They are capable of getting frostbite or hyperthermia just like humans. If it’s too cold for you to be outside then it’s too cold for your pets.  Some fantastic ways to pamper your pet in the winter months are:


Throw a Christmas Paw-ty – Pamper your dog and friends this holiday season with a party which will most likely make their tails wag.

Photo Session with Santa – Several professional photographers offer this service.   Pisces is a local store that spoils our pets.


Snowball Treasure Hunt – Bury toys, sticks, balls, food under the snow, or in a snowball.  Sit back and watch the amazing tracking skills dogs have with their great sense of smell.  Have competitions on which dog can find the snowball first.


Snowball Fetch -Make a mound of snowballs (loosely packed) and throw them for your dog if he/she likes to play fetch.


Make a DIY Indoor Agility CourseYou can set up chairs, broomsticks, blankets, hula hoops, ropes, pylons bowling pins, or whatever your creative mind can find and heart desires.  Use positive reinforcements like treats, food, positive tone of voice, and favorite toys to encourage your dog thru the obstacle course.

Take your dog Cross Country Skiing – while you are getting your exercise skiing, your dog could tag along leash-free and burn off some cabin fever.


Enrichment Toys – Toys such as stuffed Kongs, wobble balls, toys that give out treats when played with, food rewarding puzzles.  This gives the dogs a rewarding food experience while having fun.

Dog Gyms – The Canine Fitness Center

Play Dates – invite your neighbors over for tea or hot chocolate while the dogs play.  Make some homemade dog treats.


Make a Soft Heating Pad – For older pets, this is nice when they have arthritis or aliments.  Several companies make these but please check with your vet before using a heating pad because heat with skin-related diseases can give adverse results.  Avoid using them if your pet has skin diseases such as flea allergies, skin allergies, or skin problems. Word of advice… always layer your heating pad with soft blankets or towels to prevent the heat from harming your pet. Supervision is always advised.  Never use plugged in heating pads without supervision.  Dogs and cats love to chew on cords, especially puppies and kittens.  Cork usually just uses a warm blanket or towel that’s just freshly out of a dryer before bedtime to give to her pets to sleep on.


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